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About AZ Rebar Construction Inc.

Experts at AZ Rebar Construction Inc., have been in the rebar business since 1981. Our office in Corpus Christi, Texas is based on principles of high quality, innovative thinking and superior service to our customers. We have one of the most experienced, respected and well-known teams in the industry. With a large portfolio of successfully completed projects, AZ is one of the best firms in the rebar placement, and cement flat work applications business.


Why AZ Rebar Construction Inc.

Our management, rebar placement, and cement flat work applications teams are geared to perform. They are driven by a passion for quality with a focus on SAFETY!  Our employees are dedicated hard-working individuals uniquely experienced at utilizing the latest techniques and leading edge technology to provide rebar placement and cement flat work application services for even the most aggressive and complex projects statewide.


The Leader

Proudly leading a team known for its innovative ideas and reputation for achieving great success, Mr. Albert Zepeda is a professional who understands that his clients operate in a performance-driven industry with no room for errors or waste.

Drawing on his unique expertise and vast experience of over 25 years in all aspects of the rebar and cement business, Mr. Zepeda is dedicated to assisting his customers, employees, developers, contractors and rebar fabricators to succeed in South Texas.



Our Project Management

AZ Rebar Construction Inc., project management is one of our unique strengths. We have local project managers that work with each client to ensure that projects run smoothly. They communicate effectively, interact with your team, manage workflow, handle issues and deal with deadlines, smoothly and easily. Our project managers can coordinate projects, conduct site visits or attend project and safety meetings for large or complex projects.


Our Commitment

Proven leaders in the construction and rebar placement, and cement flat work applications industry, our 25 years of success are based on a simple promise:

Quality Work • On Time • To Your Satisfaction

We deliver that promise each day with dependability, integrity, dignity, respect and trust.

Our Mission

Our goal is to set the highest level of service and quality in rebar placement and flat work applications by combining experience, training, innovation, the latest technology and techniques while delivering the job on time.

Dependability • Integrity • Dignity • Respect • Trust • Service


A.Z. Construction, INC. employess on site